Good lord, I am stove up (that’s Southern for “I really hurt from lots of physical exertion, plus my back hurts something fierce, so I am going to lay here on the couch with three fingers of bourbon and move as little as possible)…

Spent the day doing heavy pick and shovel work… had 8 new trees show up for the orchard. Two more Chandler Walnut trees, two more Golden Delicious apple trees, two more european plum trees (I don’t remember the exact names) and two brand new almond trees… and they ain’t teeny. Each one was 5 feet if it was an inch with a big ole root ball. Spent the day digging holes, mixing topsoil, lime and fertilizer and the dirt from our excavations together, then planting the new trees in the orchard. Then hammering in stakes and tying them off so they don’t get blown down and also grow straight. It’s really starting to shape up. Had to measure out where the trees would go, so they’re all dress right dress and organized. Some are self-pollinating, some need other trees nearby, so we have to group them together according to what type tree they are. Our orchard will probably take up a full one quarter of the farm when we’re finally done.

You don’t plant trees for yourself. You plant trees for your descendants… it is my hope that my son’s grandchildren will be enjoying the fruits of our labor, long after I’m gone…

Note to self – take truck to farm supply store tomorrow and buy a post hole drill, 3 point hitch. Honest injun I don’t know how many more of them I got in me, and we still got the rest of the trees to plant, PLUS a half dozen more maples, oaks, etc, we’ve been cultivating… a post hole drill would at least do 75% of the work for us – alls we have to do then is just neaten up the hole and mix the topsoil, etc.

Only concern I got is that the orchard is too close to the road for my liking. It’s not a big deal right now, but we’re going to have to lay in supplies to deny the trespassers access to that part of the farm for when things go pear shaped – timbers for building a proper Cheval de Frise, along with razor wire, couple 50 lb bags of nails, spike boards, etc… won’t stop them from raiding my orchard, but it will slow them down long enough for me to shoot a few of em…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1