To me it would depend on if the location were meant for short or long term use , if short term , protection and safety . Long term , remoteness , ability to perhaps grow things , protection ,and safety ….in either case , access to water reasonably close by would be my considerations .

In some parts of the country , there are low populated areas , some with a spiderweb of logging roads , etc. It would be possible to go mountain man for a time . Maine for example , Alaska for another . The right vehicle to get there , for example , in the Southwest , lot of empty land , but getting to places might require you to dump your truck/car and then proceed in a quad or on foot .
Once you have scouted an area , and are reasonably confident of it , you could go ahead and get a head start on the food situation . There is what some people call ” commando gardening ” , its risky only because there is no guarantee that anything will happen , but can be done all over .

Basically you let nature take its course , you plant seeds in an area , with fruits and vegetables that self seed , obviously there needs to be water or enough rainfall , so when you do it , is important . Then hopefully , when you get there , you have several plants that have taken over an area for you to use . Yes , birds and animal will eat them while you are gone , but sometimes that also helps spread seed around .