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I will not weigh in here on the caliber and gun debate, because in spite of all logic and prior efforts attempted to focus people on training and mindset, people are determined to have this argument and make a big production of it. I guess, at least, it is fun entertainment.

ScottK, you logic is right on and solid. One point that I disagree with: You say…” If WW III happens, almost nothing that a civilian has will be of any consequence when facing an armored personnel carrier or a tank.” Make no mistake, in urban warfare and guerilla warfare – small arms in the hands of non-governmental forces are a game changer. They are the single most important force multiplier available. Small arms are THE VERY FIRST thing we (US) supply rebels with when we are assisting them in fighting their government. After that comes rudimentary training. Small arms in the hands of small groups trained in basic team and infantry tactics are the cornerstone of any civil conflict or fight. Tanks and APC’s are in limited supply and there is a host of tactics to deal with them. There will always be vulnerable targets of an opposition group who are forced to operate outside protected areas and without amour/tanks. Small arms will be the preferred economical way to deal with those people for many years to come.

Other than that, ScottK….homerun with your comments.