Mr. Red
Mr. Red

- Good land for crops and animals
– Several options for obtaining drinking water
– It can be defended well
– Different options for alt. energy production (wind, solar, hydro)
– Away from large population centres and strategic military targets
– Not in an area prone to much natural disasters
– Preferably have lots of trees for cutting firewood/building material
– Many types of wild game an fish

Those are what I think you should look at when considering a BOL. A few things can be added, or subtracted, but like I said that’s what I like.

In my situation, we don’t have much land, but it’s pretty good. Lots of good water, with rivers, ponds, and 2 wells for me. Pretty easy to defend, especially at depth which is what I advocate. I could set up a multitude of different alt. energy production if I could throw the money/ingenuity at it. I’m in the middle of no where so that’s great. We do get bad storms and hurricanes, and there’s always the threat of fire no matter where you are. Tonnes of wood to be had, the same goes for fish and game.

So overall, I’m pretty well set location wise.

Canadian Patriot. Becoming self-sufficient.