Here is a thought that is “out of the box”, since you live in a small southern town, under 5000 in population?. Assume (yes, I am aware of the “assume” rule) 90 percent of them know about your fuel storage tank. I lived in a southern town of under 5000 and EVRYONE knew everything about everybody.

There was no getting around it, especially if you have kids. What about going the other way, instead of hiding what you have, reinforce it, get your family set up to protect it. Use it to trade with your townspeople. I think it would be better to trade with Billy Joe and Bubba than have them and the rest of the townsfolk show up and try to take it. Don’t gouge the people for the resource and ask them to help you defend it in case of outside looters.

Small towns are going to band together, just for mutual protection, this may be a way to jump start that banding together. It would also put you and yours in charge of the resource and maybe, just maybe keep it in your hands without having to fight over it with the rest of the town.