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Leopard and Toby C,
Thanks for the info on Marc MacYoung’s writings. I haven’t looked at all of his writings, but I did spend some time on his site reading some articles. From what I have seen so far, it is clear that he knows exactly what he is talking about and members of this site would be well served to spend A LOT OF TIME READING HIS STUFF. It is so much more realistic and accurate than most of what people teach and write on personal defense and violent encounters. REALLY – IT IS.

Most people have not been in violent encounters. I am not talking about what you saw on some “worldstar” video that your friend sent you on Facebook. I am not talking about some muted road rage incident where someone rode your bumper for a few miles and you shot them the finger. Because of this fact, most people don’t have a real frame of reference for violence – they fill in the blanks with stuff they read on the internet, hear from friends, and see on TV. This results in some misconceptions that can be deadly. So, PLEASE LISTEN – all street advice is NOT EQUAL or valid. This MacYoung guy and the author “burnedoutleo” that was linked to in the original post ARE TELLING YOU – FOR AN ABSOLUTE FACT how it really is. You would be well served to give much heavier consideration to their advice than some of the other stuff you have read and heard.