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Flatlander, this is a great article. One of my favorites. I posted it over in another section a while back. I think it would be good for people to continue reposting it over and over periodically. It should be required reading.

That said, it is one of the very few worth-while things I have ever seen on AR15.com “general discussion” forum. It is like a rodeo of retards there and the laughing stock of the serious tactical community. Never before has there been so large a gathering of people that are so profoundly dumb and who sincerely believe they are wise experts on life. I know there are some intelligent and well meaning people that participate in that forum, but they are increasingly drowned out by the fools on that forum. They have become a minority voice in the wilderness there. People are sure to learn more moronic ideas than good ideas there – by a mile. I don’t think they are even aware that most people who lurk there just come to laugh at them. It is sad.

I will add that the “survival discussions” in the “outdoors” section is much better and does get good contributions and has much better participants. There is some solid information to be found.