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Think about the days before electricity. The late 1800s. What did people use to get by? To garden, to get firewood, to repair and make things, to hunt? This is where I tend to focus my attention when it comes to storing and scavenging things. One of the biggest things I think is to have a crosscut saw maintenance kit.

You know, the old two man saws in the old days. They also have the single man saw which is less than half the length for bucking up logs for firewood. Those big teeth and rakers need attention now and again and being able to correctly set and sharpen those teeth and rakers will go along ways in barter situations. Same goes for being able to forge and do blacksmith type repairs.

Being able to smoke meat for preservation. Being able to harvest ice for cold storage and ice houses. Just try to think of what it was like just before electricity became widely used. This is the level of technology we would have in post SHTF. Plan accordingly. It can be extremely fun to think this way and realize that people have survived through amazing things in these many thousands of years on this planet. This time won’t be much different. It’s all in the mind. Get your mind right and your body WILL follow, even if it doesn’t want to!