Smokers will understand, when you do not have it, it become priceless. — Selco

Absolutely!! When we would deploy, I would buy my own smokes and stash them away. Then I would buy a couple cartons of smokes to sell and trade. After about 3 weeks with no resupply, most guys were OUT of smokes. Not low, but OUT. It was not unusual to find guys like me selling packs of smokes at a %500 increase in price. They crabbed some, but they paid. Nothing personal – just business. Those who crabbed? Well, there was nothing stopping them from doing the same thing I had done. But they didn’t have the foresight to buy extra for selling and trading, so really there was no place for them to crab or complain… free markets rule!

Tobacco rolled in newspapers was quality stuff :)

Dude, I had to laugh at this. I know it was hard times and I’ve been without smokes too… but good lord! :)

Reminded me of what I used to do when I would run into “that guy”. You remember “that guy” Selco? The guy who never, ever bought smokes for himself, just went around bumming smokes from people to feed his habit? “Hey buddy? Got a smoke?” What I did was I took a pack of Lucky Strikes unfiltered cigarettes and opened the pack, then let them sit on the dashboard of my car for a few weeks. Anyone who has ever smoked Lucky Strikes knows what they’re like, and anyone who has smoked stale, dried out cigarettes knows what that is like.. Combine the two? Hehehhehehhe… :) They were so dried out, if you weren’t careful, all the tobacco would fall out the end.

“Hey, got a smoke?”
“Sure!” (hands “that guy” a dried out Lucky Strike)
COUGH! GAG! WHEEZE!! “Good lord! What IS that?!?”
“Sorry, it was all I had..”

That was the last time “that guy” ever bummed a smoke from me…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1