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Did you catch the actual admission by the gummint that their system is intentionally rigged? The school year in question was 2015-2016. Then they solicited data some time after that school year was over, and the end of the data submission period was clearly in June of 2017, since they say the deadline for submission of corrections is one year following the close of the data collection period. HOWEVER, they didn’t announce their results until the spring of this year (2018), and once anyone had time to go through even some of the data and truly start fact-checking it, it was already too late to submit corrections, as reported to the California school district that showed four school shootings but tried to get them to retract that due to having had NO school shootings. “Sorry, your period for correction has already expired, but we’ll be happy to tack a note at the very end of the data to let people know of the submitted correction – not that they’ll bother to read the footnotes, hah hah! Go pound sand!”

And don’tcha just love the toy cap gun “discharge” on the school bus being classified as a “school shooting!?!” It’d be funny if they weren’t using this cr@p to justify destroying a constitutional right unjustifiably. Liars, thieves, and traitors all.

Oh – and Tolik, most of the shooters ~~never existed!~~