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Think about your four summary points. It’s because “they” have been deeply implanted for so long in the very fabric of government. I’ve even wondered if Joe McCarthy was actually a plant in order to LOOK like a raving lunatic in the manner in which he was making his allegations, in order to neutralize support for further investigation and action. That might be totally off the wall, but it certainly would not be something I’d be surprised to see confirmed with history behind us to examine.

Call it shadow government, Deep State, or one of the three terms I use (only two of which I’ve ever use publicly because of where I got them and because of the doctrines in which they’re based – fundamental evil or secret combinations), it doesn’t really matter. Any one of those descriptions makes sense to at least most people, whether they fully (or even partially) believe in such things. And the evidence is so very clear for anyone that will turn off CNN, MSNBC, or even Fox News, and put down the NYT or Washington Post – and then start examining history and current events for themselves. There are fundamentally evil people doing their dead level best to undermine the very threads of the fabric that has been woven into the constitutional Republic. And they’ve succeeded in destroying country after country after country. Look at the reflexive support of Vladimir Putin even within the USSR – ooops – Russia. It makes no sense to us here in this forum, but we’re becoming an increasingly small minority even in this country (speaking of those Forum member in the U.S.). The education systems have done their jobs well, the media has slowly, steadily moved into what it does now (a “wonderful” rendition of Pravda, Izvestia, etc.). And now we’ve got a Congress that is focused on everything destructive to that Republic. Karl would be ecstatic!