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On the road to Carácas …..

Since we are embroiled in an unending psywar, I went searching for knowledgeable articles about psyops, i.e., the basic structure, what comes first, etc., the better to recognize not only THAT one is being run, but to identify it sooner, rather than later, better understand the objectives, as well as the strategy and tactics, in the hope of avoiding as many snares and pitfalls as possible. I ran across this fascinating piece … from the year after I graduated high school.


Does any of it surprise me? Not exactly, though it is revelatory to realize (a) how much was known, (b) for how long, (c) how little to counter was done by a government ostensibly in opposition, (d) how interrelated and cooperative the “capitalist” west has become with their “communist “opposition, and vice-versa, up to, including, (and perhaps because of) their monetary/banking relationships.

Cry, "Treason!"