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… tell like minded to vote this Nov….

In concept, you’re absolutely correct. The problem in reality is, however, that on BOTH sides of the political aisle in Congress the special interests (translated: BIG MONEY) control almost all of them. We’ve got to work in subsequent years to replace almost 100% of them.

In the past I’ve been against term limits for Congress, preferring to trust the Framers in their wisdom, and trying to force “the People” to do their jobs. But we’ve reached a point where we can’t trust the “proletariat” to know enough and understand enough to vote the trash out when it gets to D.C. and shows its real agenda. So I think I’ve just about come around 100% to term limits for Congress (both chambers). When I hear that Feinstein has been around to vote on a FULL 9 justices that have served on the Supreme Court, and others as many as 15 justices that have sat on the Court, my stomach does a flip! NOBODY should be there that long and have that much power. The wealth that magically shows up for almost anyone in Congress for more than a few years is testimony enough.

But for this November, we’re screwed – we’ve only got what’s there now to vote on. I’ll at least go with the HUGE stick-on magnetic sign I saw on a pickup the other day: “If you voted Democrat, you’re an idiot!” (Loved it!) Too many of them have the potential of being decent people, but virtually 100% of them have shown that they value their jobs and committee assignments more than they value standing up to power (i.e. the leadership and money sources). There are no individual votes of any consequence in Congress – there are two block votes.

And the other problem is that it’s gotten so divisive AND dangerous, that almost no decent person would even WANT to run for Congress. But that’s a whole ‘nother story….