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To All my friends here I and my family have been throw this. Cuba has been lost since the 1950’s Castro’s. Cubans did ether hunkered down or left the country which didn’t solve anything.

We will have to confront them every opportunity we have. Confront them on social media with true facts and tell them when they post fake news or lies, Confront them when they go to the streets with lies to show up on TV. Communist only back down when the other side confronts them I KNOW FOR A FACT! I HAVE DONE IT!! We have to be LIKE THEM! till we do this we will be losing on all levels. I have confronted them with facts when they lie. Be ready because they are fanatical extreme radicals. It is a war of words and confrontation but if we do not do this then we will have only two other options years later, an all out civil war or we lose the country by hunkering down or leaving the country.

Freedom is not free, we have to shed blood for freedom. This is nothing new America has been shedding blood for it’s freedoms since the beginning.