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Whirlibird & GS, as you have said, saving the Republic, or even a few scraps of it, will be a multigenerational, even unending project. Those who take the “easy” way out, whether for material goods, or for ideas, ARE the poor (who will always be with us.) Their Marxist mentors have been revving them up, because they already realize that the attempt to turn their electoral loss into a coup d’ etat was so obvious, that it has failed, and that they are going to lose again, unless they can turn casting the next ballot into enough of a hazard to get electoins postponed, or cancelled, in which case they might hope to sell their BS “Nazi” claim to a wider audience. The more positive ordinary electoral prospects seem for the political “Right,” the more deranged and violent I’d expect the Left to become.

Cry, "Treason!"