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Whirli, welcome to the future. Single user bathrooms becoming unisex are rapidly becoming the norm. I believe it is now the law in VT. Multi-user bathrooms are slowly trending that way too. That you encountered it on a college campus is not surprising.

Of the many things to bemoan in the world today this one doesn’t bother me much. Women only use stalls so their privacy is maintained. Women can’t use the urinals so men’s privacy is maintained as well. Last year my 3 year old granddaughter tried standing at the toilet to pee like she saw the little boy next door do, but it didn’t work out so well.

The piece of this though that concerns me are the men-hater feminists looking for their opportunity to declare themselves a victim of male aggression. I would not want to be alone in a multi-user bathroom with one of them for fear of being accused of something.

While the bathroom situation may generally work, carrying it over to locker rooms is a step too far. I have heard that many women’s locker rooms already have private shower stalls & dressing areas vs the open showers and dressing areas men’s locker rooms have, and that the trend will be to make men’s locker rooms like women’s. Making them unisex could well be not too far off in the future, and again my concern would be the man-hater feminists looking for victimhood status. It is sad that men have had to become cautious of such situations.