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Thanks, WB – worked great. For what it’s worth, here’s an otherwise useless but interesting little “gee whiz” piece of information. For anyone not “fluent” in the nearly lost art of Morse code, the code at the very beginning of this podcast spells out TEOTWAWKI. It reminded me that on each episode of the old CBS series “Jericho” several years ago, they’d have a one word morse code message that was different each week. And it was relevant to the program coming up. We could all die and never know any of that and be none the worse off – just a little useless fun knowledge.

Lots going on today, so I’ll have to listen to the 1-hour podcast in spurts, but it certainly starts off being very familiar to us here. Thank you again, Selco, from those that do have eyes to see and ears to hear.

I’m thinking that if Sweden, of all places, is government-sponsoring such an effort, and we’re not hearing anything about it in our MSM, something’s “up.” That’s no big surprise here in this forum, but perhaps things are even escalating in ways we don’t know about beyond vague generalities, even if we wouldn’t be surprised to know details.