Or like the AVF before we actually got involved in WW2 , we had a program in which any pilots , and ground crew could quietly ” resign” their post from the US military …………then enlist in the Chinese Air Force as ” mercenaries ” . Unfortunately for the developed world governments , the realities of attempting to use military force , in certain parts of the world , are doomed to failure from the start . Pretty much anywhere in the Middle East , Africa , or Asia . The only people who have been reasonably successful are people with a mind set of ” whatever it takes ” . In other words , there is nothing that is beneath you to achieve your goals . That leaves us out , and pretty much the rest of the developed world out as well . People who were reasonably successful over there ? The Romans , Genghis Khan and his Golden Horde . Why ? They had no problems with wiping out cities , and killing every man , woman , or child who opposed them . Unfortunately , that is the winning formula for some parts of the world , and if your not prepared to do that …………….you best stay out . As a side note , this may be of curiosity for some of you . The Roman Empire , was roughly the same size as the US .

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