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Hah hah hah! I read that same story earlier this evening, and was smiling at what appears to be outright stupidity on the part of the Russian forces (unofficial as they are claimed to be – kind of like our folks in Laos during the Vietnam era, none of which we claimed as our own, but who – if they lived – suddenly regained their rank, pay, ID cards, etc., as soon as they were out of Laos). The Ruskies had tanks, overwhelming numbers, and totally failed to take into consideration the wide variety of U.S. forces and capabilities available to defend perhaps 40 Americans. As Peter Paul and Mary used to sing, “When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?” But of course, with the overall meaning of that song, it could be applied to us as well, deployed almost literally everywhere, involved in almost everything, stretched thin, underfunded, overworked, undersupported, etc., etc., etc. Meanwhile we continue sustaining invasions from the south every day. When will we ever learn….

I did like Trumps recent tweet that we aim to build such a strong military that we will never have to use it – kind of a modern take on the old SAC motto: “Peace is Our Profession.” That was mocked and demeaned, but I never saw it as anything other than a highly rational way of doing business in this world.