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Many Europeans will know how to read between the lines of the Swedish manual. Let’s see if they do, and if it does them any good.

The nations of Europistan have put themselves under the control of economic powers (central banks) having only two objectives: a) milking them until they’d want to break free, b) stationing enough of an embedded force in each nation to prevent them from breaking free. Those nations have already accepted their rulers and the rulers’ embedded (and growing) paramilitary force. Poland is rebelling and Russia is outside the current rule of the EU.

Banksters are steadily working to set up the same system in America, and have come a long way toward accomplishing it. For an eyeblink, those of us who aren’t ready to surrender, have managed to elect a President who, despite his faults, and the longstanding sellout of more than half the CONgress, also isn’t ready to surrender. But as long as we live on borrowed (and worthless) currency, we live on borrowed time. Make the most of it, before the banksters and their “troops” come to take it all back. EMPs, CMEs, Wars, and all manner of natural disasters are surely possible, some, even likely, but economic collapse is a certainty, currently being developed.

Cry, "Treason!"

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