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War with no definition of war. The third world wide hostilities epidemic. Muddled thinking producing even poorer preparation. First comes the cosmic ray insanity then the social breakdown. Criminals vs deplorables for now. Then the flesh eaters. Bullets beans and books, before they burn them for heat.

Mike along with the sensible advice that you should never take seriously any of my speculations about future events, and/or the “progress” of humankind (since I am an arch-pessimist) I’ll offer you my speculation (only) that while someone in the Swedish government has mustered the courage to issue a (nondescript) general warning and call to prepare for harder times, that Sweden isn’t the only nation in Europistan to face the likelihood of warfare. It’s possible, of course, that Russia may have designs on various parts of Scandinavia, but it’s far more likely that the “random” attacks (jihad) by the foreknown hostiles that various nations have so self-sacrificially admitted as “refugees” will morph into full-blown internal war. But that’s what happens when your nation submerges its sovereignty into a bankster’s trap “Union” such as the EU (ew!)

Fortunately, Sweden has charitably offered the manual in most of the languages spoken in the threatened nations, and various news outlets have been intrigued/outraged enough to publish the story and the links. It remains to be seen what the prospective victims will do.