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I’m not saying it couldn’t be “interesting,” and maybe even end in a retreat by “them.” What I see as worse is the aftermath – exactly what was called for 170 years ago: destruction of the social and political order. The not-so-definite ending of the old TV series, Jericho, was quite believable. Yes, the “good guys” appear to have made it into friendly territory just in time, but what was the overall national situation? And what were the odds of reconstituting the once-great nation? In a more real world scenario, I’m not sure it would be much different. What would be left, even if enough of the gun owners “won?” There may be pockets of strong resistance that would largely be left alone – for a time – but what kind of economy, communication, socialization, or much of what we have now, would be left? The math seems solid, at least theoretically, but the nation as a whole no longer has a stomach for such fights. And just a few successful (i.e. murderous) confiscations, with charred remains of physical structures and dead bodies carted away to the morgue, would be all that would be necessary for a large number to give in. The will to fight for principles not even understood by anyone under at least 45-50 (probably even older than that for the most part), simply isn’t there anymore. The brainwashing through “education” and the “media” have been highly successful. I don’t want any part of that world, and don’t have enough years left to even hope to see a reconstitution of what once was. Perhaps it may end up even better than it ever was as reality finally sets in, but that wouldn’t happen in my lifetime anyway. And that’s only one possible outcome….

By the way – all of these scenarios leave out the vast database(s) of information that’s been collected on virtually all of us. They not only know what we’ve bought, where we’ve been (license plate readers, credit card receipts, facial recognition, etc.), who we associate with, where all of our friends and relatives live, who we communicate with (got a cell phone with an address book in it?), they also have analysis that in most cases has us psychologically profiled quite nicely through the tiny pieces of seemingly insignificant data we produce every day, even by just driving into town to buy some groceries, who we call on the land line (and what we discuss), etc. Don’t think they listen to those calls? A friend has a close relative who worked for one of the alphabet agencies (unnamed here – but NOT what you’d guess, such as NSA or CIA). They have that capability, and though totally unauthorized, some considered it great fun during lunch hour to just listen in on random phone calls of everyday Americans. Got a security alarm system? They know what our patterns are for going and coming, when we arm it for “home” status at night when we’ve taken the trash out before going to bed (or whatever), and when we disarm it in the morning once we get up. Got smart lights in the house? Then they know even more about bedtimes and wake-up times, for example. The “internet of things” intrudes further and further as we purchase more “smart” devices. The list goes on and on. Not a world I care to be part of, particularly after the chaos develops.