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I suspect many (most?) of the individual players on the Protect and Serve team are decent folks. But the gradual changes over the years have a way of boiling even the most resilient frogs in time. So when push comes to shove (likely much worse), we won’t know what to expect when it’s a much larger “us vs. them” compared to single perps being confronted. Like Marx and Engels clearly described at the very end of their 170 year old masterpiece (and it is a masterpiece, even if it is based in fundamental evil), the idea is to use otherwise legitimate organizations as the starting point for their operations, gradually taking them over from the inside and turning them into something unrecognizable (but that only becomes evident at the very end to most). Just look at what already exists – we’ve got many inside the CIA, FBI, local police forces, etc., that are individually good and decent folks, and who are very much embarrassed by the corruption at the top. I watched it in my own department within Fedville, and all across the broader and much larger organization. The VA is a prime example. I’ve got good friends that have found excellent care – in spots – within that system. Yet the larger problems aren’t getting any better even with a new sheriff (even two of them already).

Who can argue with the concept of an intelligence gathering operation to find out what the bad guys are doing, in order to protect us? Who can argue with a well-armed and equipped police force in the face of increasing violence (and sometimes well armed bad guys)? Who can argue with an organization to gather needed revenue for legitimate government functions? And on and on and on. Yet that’s exactly what Marx counted on and outlined very explicitly. And (said here many times) yet it seems like almost no one (certainly no one I’ve ever spoken with) has even looked at, let alone studied the tiny little, virtually universally overlooked, final “chapter” of only 3/4 of one page. It’s all there in just 15 sentences (or 16 if one counts the final “… Unite!” war cry). The more times it is read, the more that emerges from those same 15 sentences. Forget entirely about the first three normal length chapters – they’re unnecessary to understanding what’s there at the end in what appears to be nothing more than a tiny epilogue, worthy of skipping. After all, following three long chapters, what else could be gained from just 15 more sentences? Yet it is the pattern for what has been lifted from a 2-D page and printed into a 3-D working model that is shortly to become full reality.

With over 8 million Americans in the super secret Main Core database – which somehow Salon magazine knows all about (?!?) – it’s quite likely more than one of our names resides there. As I see it however, the question of what we can do about it seems no longer relevant. People can put on cammo and run drills in the woods on the weekends all they want, but I no longer see anything even approaching “reasonable odds.” The old(er) idea that guerrilla warfare in the cities could be won, no longer appears viable. It worked great in the jungles and villages in Vietnam, and it at least drove the U.S. troops out of the Shiite regions of Iraq, but note that al-Sadr and company just cleaned house in the elections there. He’s no longer just still alive, but alive and about to assume major political power. So much for beating the rooftop snipers and road-side bombers at their guerrilla game. And I don’t see it happening here even with some dedicated vets with those skills.

I’m just glad I don’t have several decades left to have to watch it all play out. I just hope it doesn’t accelerate even more rapidly than it already has so it catches me still here when any resemblance to the Constitutional Republic is erased from history (and it will be erased even from the history books, I fully expect). I don’t want to see what’s coming, and wish beyond words that my kids, grand kids, and great grand kids didn’t have to live through it. If only it could happen before the rest of my grand kids can begin creating even more great grand kids. Thankfully however, I know in whom I trust, and who really wins in the end.