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Uh huh. And it started big time with what Monica Lewinsky did to Bill Clinton in the Oval Office being redefined as “not sex.” So millions of kids decided they could do that and still be “ok.” Many conservative Christian denominations have reaped the damage of that. But that was only the start. Now we’re really into big-time control issues. Now that it’s on the “accepted” dictionary of definitions, it will be referenced for legislative and perhaps even judicial arguments from now on, as if that’s the way it always was. We don’t dare to LOOK at what the Founding Fathers were arguing and supporting and defining more than 200 years ago in that bygone “irrelevant” time that (allegedly) has no relationship to “our day.” I’m glad I’m as old as I am. Maybe I’ll actually miss the final collapse when even the ghost-like appearance of a constitutional republic no longer exists and the transition to whatever follows is complete.

Good catch, WB.