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Mike, Whirlibird is correct, and I suspect the same thing. I’ll bet you posted something, then tried to do even a small edit, and particularly maybe a 2nd edit. That will often wipe out a post altogether. It’s a glitch in the board software. My experience is that I can get away with a first edit if I spot a typo or something, but not a 2nd one – particularly in the same day.

L Tecolote came up with what appears to be a good work-around. Start an edited post with a top line as follows, followed by a blank line, then the original post edited as desired, like this:

EDITED from original:

(followed by the edited message)

If I remember correctly, without looking for it, I think that was how he did it.

As for your question, Selco is very busy with a lot of “irons in the fire” so to speak. He apparently isn’t able to monitor this Forum on a very frequent basis. But trust him – he’ll come up with a very appropriate answer (and solution) once he’s able. He’s provided an outstanding service here, for all the right reasons. I don’t expect we’ll be abandoned, and I also believe we’ll be fully informed when the time comes. Toby also works behind the scenes with him (and I suspect others), and they are a great team. This forum is only a small part of what they provide for those that are willing to learn.

In the meantime, don’t make the mistake of neglecting the many, many old threads and posts that exist in all kinds of topics here. This is a gold mine. I only wish the “tags” system worked as it should (at least I’ve never figured out how to on this particular board software that they use – if someone’s figured that out, please inform!). Again, welcome Mike.