Have been thinking about purchasing a 1911 since I own .357, 9mm, .380, .38 special. What is the best one. I know throw the years here that you know well 1911”s.

Basic stripped down:
Colt 1991 (O1991 model)
Springfield Mil Spec

Mid range:
Colt Competition (O1072CCS or O1970CCS) the latter would be my choice overall.
Springfield “Loaded” PX9109L or PX9151L

‘High end’
Colt Gold Cup
Springfield custom shop guns.

You’ll note a lack of variety in brands, that’s because in my experience you can pay more but you aren’t getting any better.

Buying cheaper, you never know what you are getting. In spec and quality or something that will cause a gunsmith to pull his hair out.
And more expensive?
Unless you are talking investment or a complete custom build, it’s not worth it.

I say that while building a $3800 double stack gun. But it’s a specialty gun, built to exact specifications and for a particular need. I would not have it for my own.