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Freedom, what you just described is exactly what almost everyone has missed in the Communist Manifesto. Socialism is a means to an end – THE end. The leaders of the movement are merely using the proletariat to achieve the ultimate goal – complete domination by the leaders. There really is no such thing as socialism or communism in actual operation anywhere in the world. A few small religious orders attempted it, but greed and/or personal disregard for others won out and it died. What’s called socialist or communist is only the visible shell of what’s tightly controlled within. The aim is to destroy both the social and political order of the world (Marx’s own words), so that “they” can take over. What we’re really dealing with is the true soul of Marxism – but few really understand that at all. Nice job. Just be sure you understand that it’s not one “side” of socialism. Socialism and communism are the smokescreen or shell for what’s behind or beneath it all. Read that little 3/4 page final (4th) chapter of the Manifesto again – it’s all there in a matter of just a few paragraphs.