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MB, with that “attitude,” it’s clear that you’re part of the immoral capitalist cancer that has ruined this country [sarc/OFF]. ;-)

Sadly, even in retirement, once we reach Social Security age we still have money confiscated from us to support them. We pay tax on more than 50% of our Social Security checks, despite the fact that we already paid tax on the mandatory portion we “contributed” out of every pay check through the years. I fully understand being taxed on the other 50% that our employers “contributed” to our Social Security checks (except for those that paid it all themselves due to the self-employment tax). But how we end up being taxed on the 50% of our check that we paid into the system, has never been explained to me. And how that has stood the test of time without congressional correction would be a mystery to me – if I didn’t understand who/what infests Washington D.C.