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LT, as I said in the original post, I’m at a loss to understand how I never heard of it, especially with the history you and I share in a previous forum as well, among other experiences I’ve had. But what’s even more amazing is that not only didn’t my wife know about it despite having grown up right here in Georgia, but even her brother didn’t know either. They were both taught how to not only handle a gun properly starting at age 5, but how to be stunningly accurate as well. Their father knew guns well, and was politically conservative. He fought in WWII, and came home in 1945. Granted, they didn’t have CNN/24/7, but I’d think that kind of thing might have filtered down south just a couple hundred miles – and apparently it did not. He’d definitely have remembered it, and likely passed it along to his son, even if not his daughter. For his son (my brother-in-law) to not know about it, is even more surprising – he’s been “gun literate” (including the political ramifications) all his adult life, and he’s older than I am by a couple of years. Still, it’s amazing to me that I never ran across an article about it in all these years. I’ve also mentioned it to several other people in the past few days, and they’d also never heard of it.

But – that could be a good thing. That means it would have a much more stunning effect on people that didn’t know about it, because it was new information – and therefore the connection to the 2nd Amendment would be all to close in history to comfortably ignore. Heck – even here in my area, we’ve got corruption galore – including voting fraud that I personally experienced and witnessed (both the event and the total cover up, including the Georgia Secretary of State’s office at the time, and the Federal Election Commission). I can honestly see the possibility of an armed citizenry finally saying enough is enough at least at a local level somewhere, and a showdown ensuing. I don’t think it would end nicely, and I suspect some good people would lose at least their freedoms. But IF (and it might be a big “if”) the media covered it honestly, it could be a turning point.

Nice dream, anyway – until I wake up again….