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Almost nobody remembers, with the “news” media doing their job of not reminding us, that it was Paul Ryan who handed the Democrats the massive budget deal immediately upon becoming Speaker of the house.

Following is what could initially be misunderstood as just another rambling speech on the House floor after everyone else went home, as so many House speeches are. But in fact, if you spend the time and follow it to the end, simply realizing Louie Gohmert has no time constraints, and has a massive amount of material he wants to get out, you’ll watch him get through his warm-up and into high gear especially with respect to Rosenstein, Mueller, McCabe, Hillary Clinton and Uranium One, starting around the 8-9 minute time frame. This is really good, even critically important stuff, coming from a United States congressman. And if the media were doing their theoretical jobs, all this material would be blanketing the news every day and turning this government upside down. Around the 12-13 minute point his comments about the “Deep State” are spot-on. And he just gets better from there. For example (20:10):

But at some point, members of Congress, in the House and Senate, have got to wake up to the fact that we have crimes being committed in the FBI intelligence apparatus. There are people being paid by government checks that are out to destroy people who disagree with their power grabs and their crimes. This article points out that Mueller’s investigation has got to drag on as long as necessary to prevent any of the people who have committed the crimes of leaking and other crimes – leaking, lying, perjury, obstructing justice, trying to create an insurance policy to take out a sitting President of the United States – it’s time we wake up. When elected officials in this city have to fear for their political lives by people that they have given power in the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, then the system’s broken. This is out of control, and it’s how you lose a democratic republic like we have, or used to have. … Muller is not the answer, he’s the problem.”

The problem is, not only is no one listening to him there in the House chamber, but nobody’s listening to it on C-SPAN, and few people will ever find it on YouTube. This is the only way he can get his message out because no one on the “news” will ever allow him to get into this material (Fox has interviewed him multiple times, but this material isn’t included). I’m actually surprised this one has survived the most recent great YouTube purge still apparently going on. Remember that Gohmert is an attorney, and note how careful he is to “suggest” virtually everything he’s saying (or quoting others), thus not being “guilty” of making direct actionable claims. All 15 or 20 people left that have ears to hear will indeed hear. :-(