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Danger SOS. It is dire for you to evacuate. Be cautious they are not human SOS Danger SOS

From the outsider perspective I think you can say wwz is fully funded. That was rich President Trump standing there and complaining about what twisted BS his congress had produced. He should have known from the moment he arrived at the White House he would have to veto it. Over 2000 pages of impossible trash. Is there an Office of Fiction buried in a bunker somewhere or an AI writing constantly. This is some unbelievable fantasy. Why does anyone accept this as true. Where exactly did this Spending Plan come from. Hello do we still have a government. NO WAY. Their smug smiles say they pulled another charade off but – think about it. Our President senators and congressmen are no better than Uber cars. The US just crashed into a Wall of disbelief. Heavy psychological damage fersure.