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Sorry, GS, Little light here — a lot more personal gloom. I ordinarily hope to analyze political situations as logically as I can, hence usually hope to be correct in my conclusions. This time, I hope I’m wrong, but I see this as the Triumph of the Swamp. From what I could glean from radio talk shows so far (out here: Sussman, Limbaugh, Savage, Levin) many of Trump’s provisional supporters are ready to ditch him over his abandonment of his DACA promises, and ratification of The Democrat Wish List, in order to (so he says) get funding for an emergency cash transfusion to the military,

I have little doubt that Commander Zero left the military as un- (and mis-) funded as he could manage, given the “necessity” of establishing secure borders for the Oil Sheikhs. But had Trump stood firm enough to throw it back in McConnell’s and Ryan’s purchased faces, he’d have kept his word, and thereby, his hardest-to-keep supporters. Non-politician, no Longer!

Whether he wanted to suck up to Dems, or had been panicked by the globalist Flag Officers in his Cabinet, that China was on the verge of conquering us militarily, the result is the same. His supporters have been alienated, and the incoming (Dem) House WILL impeach him, perhaps (to highlight their contempt) without even bothering to name a “High Crime,” or “Misdemeanor.” The McConnell Senate would have no hesitation convicting.on no basis at all.

Cry, "Treason!"

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