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For a State to be allowed to secede by agreement with the rest would be vastly complicated dealing with the finances and rights of those choosing to remain in California. The negotiations would take a decade at the minimum. National Debt, Federally owned properties, military bases, Social Security, and Medicare just to start the list. Beyond that the remaining US would then have a “Mexican” style border nearly twice as long as we have now to secure. Assuming CA would essentially adopt an open borders policy with Mexico, that doubling of the border would allow vast numbers of new illegals to pour into the US. To the extent the LaRaza gang has influence in CA politics, they might encourage that in hopes of further Hispanifying (my made up word) more of the US so as to eventually expand CA to include additional States. I’ve read that CA, as wealthy as it supposedly is, already has the highest poverty rate in the nation. Cut off Uncle Sugar paying for their entitlements and how will CA be able to support them? How many would seek a better deal by leaving CA for the US?