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We lived there for over 7 years solely due to employment, then escaped when we’d had enough.. We found some of the best of the best there, and also some of the worst of the worst. The latter took over our neighborhood JUST after we escaped. Wouldn’t go back there for any reason, any longer. We called it the Granola Capitol of the World (the land of fruits, nuts, and flakes), and have only watched it get worse since we left.

Very happy to live in the South, hoping it will indeed rise again. And the only reason I’d hesitate for the PRC (Peoples Republic of California) to secede is because of the sudden intrusion by either China or Russia (or both?) in the newly “liberated” nation attached to our left coast. We don’t need them within one foot of each of California’s border states.

Don’t end up like too many of the whites in South Africa – get out while you still can (and still have a couple of years or more left to enjoy the freedom). I understand those “several decades” all too well. Don’t waste ‘em.