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California, LaRaza, and their buddies may want to separate but they don’t have the means to make it happen.

Depending on how the new secessionists play it out, the remaining States may be willing to let them go. They’d have to take their share of the “National Debt” with them, and various foreign players (China? Russia?) might be pleased enough at the prospect of breaking up the USA, that they’d loan them the $$ (yuan? rubles?) to make that nut, regardless of how truly broke they really are.

The big unknown is how the other States would treat it. As a native Californian of several decades (ahem!) mand having travelled to about a third of the other States, I have paid attention to how the locals elsewhere seem to regard California. Only briefly, in the early war years following the 9/11 attack, did I encounter anything other than disdain for California, and this from States whose emigrees after WW2, helped make it the Socialist “paradise” mit has become. I think the anti-American antics the current government is pulling, combined with a sales pitch that the Left Stream media would be only too happy to provide, would handily turn the trick.

But I am still here, and though planning an escape, don’t have that perspective y’all have. Thoughts?

Cry, "Treason!"

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