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When the words Civil War are used, people think of what happened in the 1860’s. That just isn’t going to happen.

There are States that are deemed predominantly conservative and others deemed to be predominantly liberal, but those tallies mostly include the Moderates that disagree with both the Far Right and the Far Left and vote for whichever person they see as closer to them politically. The Far Left and the Far Right may get all the media attention but they are not the majority of the population. The majority is somewhat to the left or the right of middle. This is how “liberal” States like Vermont and Massachusetts can come to have Republican Governors such as we currently do. The Republican candidates were closer to the middle of the spectrum than the Democrat candidates. In the last election here in VT, the Democrat candidate was just too far to the left for people that naturally lean a bit to the left, so they went with a moderate Republican instead. If faced with a choice between a conservative Republican vs a far left Democrat they’ll go with the far left Democrat because that person would be closer to those who are a bit to the left of middle.

California, LaRaza, and their buddies may want to separate but they don’t have the means to make it happen.