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In a related post, the following article details just how the NSA and other agencies are using FISA courts and intercepts of U.S. residents, and how the government (in this particular case AG Eric Holder) keeps the information out of the courts even when requested by defense attorneys under full disclosure rules, and thereby keeps the information out of the press. This is just another example of the value of what Ed Snowden disclosed, no matter what else anyone might think of him.

This article starts getting interesting after about 5-6 paragraphs. The perp may have been a scum bag, but the details of what was done to gain the conviction, and how the government hid that, get very relevant to Americans (if they bothered to care). Don’t forget that Section 702 of FISA is the same section often cited in the attempts to take down Trump. Deeply placed bad actors within government structure can get away with pretty much anything they want. Check my signature line – there’s a reason it’s been there since I joined the Forum.