Well it took a while to put all the pieces together, gather a couple extras and sit down and assemble.
And she’s still nekkid, no finish for the moment.

A lucky accident, I picked up a welded up GI barrel and had to fit the hood and lugs. Combined with a snug bushing, this thing will shoot!

I will admit it has been a while since my last range session but seeing where it was shooting and if it would group, I fired a tolerable three round group at 15y and sent the target out to 25y to get ready to bump the rear sight.
A three round cloverleaf with the fourth round about an inch and a quarter out.
A sight bump later and the target center is pretty much chewed out.

And despite the GI style hammer and grip safety I wasn’t chewed up yet.
I may like the look and feel of the old school, it doesn’t like me as much so I will be fitting and installing a real commander hammer and a decent beaver tail, already in hand as it were.

Still gonna carry the Glock, just less often.
Gonna take a while to get the smile off my face.