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The word “Wow!” cannot even begin to describe my reaction. I have no words that could adequately express what happened inside me as I watched the video. I got about halfway through, then sampled just small pieces of the remainder, and watched the last few seconds of the ending just to make sure I didn’t miss something different that what was depicted in the first half. The blood and gore? That doesn’t faze me (unfortunately). It’s what is happening to these kids – that is what goes straight to my core in ways I deeply wish I did not have to understand. In overly simplified terms, it’s perhaps roughly the therapist’s equivalent of where a combat vet sits in restaurants, for example. No one else can fully understand it, because there’s an emotional component that isn’t even always conscious – but it’s still there, and manifests itself in ways those around the vet simply can’t understand. Selco has been trying to talk about it in many of his articles. Some get it, but others simply could not – ever. Perhaps this will at least scratch the surface.

At first, the video reminded me of the child soldiers in Africa. But it quickly became clear how these are far better trained, indoctrinated, and disciplined than the African child soldiers. This is fundamental evil even beyond what is happening in Africa. Those kids were “merely” taught to shoot at an enemy – kill or be killed, as they were taught. But with these jihad kids, we’re seeing stalking, cold-blooded torture (both psychological and physical), and outright murder – not “just” two-sided warfare. And their ages are supremely critical in all of it.

These kids will be extremely difficult if not impossible to be re-programmed, given their ages and their experiences already. I am aware of (and used) some incredible techniques for treating adults exposed to severe childhood trauma (most of which the VA and other treatment agencies just don’t care to learn about despite their existence for decades – but that’s a whole ‘nother story). And even those techniques – from which I’ve seen therapeutic miracles – are no match for what the kids in this video are exposed to. The human brain at that age is nowhere near ready to properly process that kind of experience, any more than children of that same age (or younger) are able to significantly overcome intensive, repeated sexual abuse. Over many years treating the latter, I came to the firm conclusion that it is an assault on the literal spirit of the individual that cries out from some place deep within that the act is wrong, but the brain doesn’t know how to process the non-verbal message it is getting from the spirit that seems inexplicably horrible. It’s an experience that defies logical or conscious sense, for children simply don’t have the means to process it. The brain therefore breaks. Then the children continue through life with an underlying fundamental belief that there is something truly and seriously wrong with self, not their handlers (whether parents or otherwise). They act out that self-identity from there on – it becomes their “normal.” Anyone else that challenges that “normal” is an enemy, even a soft spoken therapist, or even mother who never sent her son to be part of that.

That’s an extremely abbreviated version of how it works, but still close enough for understanding by anyone. CAN it be overcome? Yes in a very small minority of cases, perhaps, but only if there’s anything of what we call a conscience left in the person, and rarely is that the case. It’s truly a spiritual issue at that point, not just a psychological one. We now have 50-70 years of these children left in front of us, regardless of political circumstances. ISIS and even their whole philosophy could somehow go away, and these kids (as later adults) would still be acting out monstrous things, individually or in groups – just because. Welcome to the future.

Back to the video for a moment, I could not tell if all of the killings were faked or not (some clearly seemed to be). Even if they were, kids seeing these over and over, along with the drilling and endoctrination, is brain programming at a level that will be almost impossible to reverse. And if at least some of those “murders” really were exactly that, given the reality of some of the tissue/blood/pulse etc., depictions, and if the kids themselves were carrying them out on expendable hostages used for film-making and training purposes, it’s even worse. Again, we’re looking at monsters being created – literally.

I dealt with childhood trauma issues too long and too deeply to not recognize what’s happening here. And with the added experience for many years with combat vets (already adults, albeit young ones) put in situations where they were exposed to things and necessarily forced to do things far outside what the human brain is designed to tolerate, my heart now breaks many times each week, sometimes daily. I could not go back to doing treatment for anything in this world – there is not enough money to lure me back. It would likely take away my sanity. Seeing this was awful (but absolutely no criticism of you, WB, for posting it however).