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I’ve been waiting all week to find out this kid’s name and origin. I figured any day now they’d charge him as an adult with this kind of crime, but no! What else isn’t being disclosed here? There’s an off-the-wall speculation in a comment:

If this is the Stephen Paddock son claimed by ISIS, we dodged a bullet.

Remember the name ISIS used for Paddock? It was “Abu Abdul Barr al-Amriki.” That translates as “Father of worshipful pious son from America.”

ISIS was claiming that Paddock has an unknown son who has also converted to Islam and joined ISIS, and the town of Hurricane Utah is only an hour’s drive from Paddock’s home in Mesquite Nevada.

If ISIS was telling the truth I was afraid the criminally competent father was going to turn out to have trained and equipped his ISIS son to pull off another very deadly attack. Then ISIS could say: so much for those who doubt us.

How’s THAT for an off-the-wall thought?

The school where he allegedly painted ISIS graffiti and hoisted an ISIS flag is not the same school where the bomb incident happened – two nearby but different cities. And the first school behavior wasn’t enough to get him watched 24/7, let alone kept out of any other school as well?!? This whole case just doesn’t make sense. Sumpin stanks.