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Benjammin and Freedom, I have no disagreement whatsoever with your statements. Anyone who isn’t taking proper precautions is a fool. What concerns me most is that we shouldn’t have to adjust our lives so radically just to survive into the future. But we’ve been forced into that position.

And just where can those weapons even be used in the future anyway? Even just simple practice becomes risky for some, and downright foolish for many – the moment they’re fired, they become detectable, and once they’re detected, they are much closer to being traced. Even if I pass ‘em to my grand kids, what good will they do when buried?

I’ve already got multiple adult grand children, and more great grand children coming all the time. I won’t be around in 10-20 years, but they’ve got whole lifetimes ahead of them. They deserve far better than the future they’ll be getting, and too few people know enough and/or are willing enough to do enough to turn it around. The propagandists in the media, the education system, and elsewhere, have done their jobs very well, and we’re now at the point of Marx’s list near the end of chapter 2.