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Well, let’s see, there are some 300 million guns on the books right now. That leaves how many that can’t be accounted for anymore, plus the ability to manufacture guns by quite a few. So they’d have to prove that the gun I used to have wasn’t sold or given to someone else without the proper record after this law was enacted, vs before when it is still perfectly legal to do so. Since I’ve owned many firearms over the years, and have not required a form 4473 be filed for each time one was transferred, plus some of the ones I have were not transferred to me using a 4473, there’s really no way the government will ever know what guns I actually do have at any given time. The only way they would find out is if I stupidly volunteer the list of my inventory, or if they actually come out and inventory what they can find on my property at any point in time. I don’t see as either of those options are going to be anywhere near accurate accounting. At best, they will know what I want them to know of at the time, which may or may not be what I am in actual possession of.

You can be damned sure that whatever I let them discover, it won’t be anything I am afraid of losing anytime soon. Anything else they claim I might’ve acquired at one time or another I will have simply forgotten about the transaction or they must be mistaken.