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Fake news. The mainstream media isn’t covering this at all, so it must be fake news. OH! Wait! Does “fake news” also happen to include willful omission of stories that would otherwise be of interest to the American public?

Be certain to click the “Co-sponsors” tab on the page, or just click the link to it below. There are 173 co-sponsors of this bill – the vast majority of the entire Democrat side of the House. Note that almost all of them were original co-sponsors, not later add-ons.


Consider the 2018 congressional elections, and then the 2020 elections. The obvious plan is to take over both the House and Senate, then weaken Trump sufficiently to get a Democrat elected to the White House in 2020. The bill will be re-introduced again in 2021, passed in both chambers, whisked off to the Oval Office, signed, and suddenly no gun owner can pass along his or her guns to kids, grand kids, etc. If they pull off the 3-branch take over, we’ll look back to the pre-2020 days with longing.

Also note such catch-all provisions as the following:

“(4) (A) Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, the Attorney General may implement this subsection with regulations.”

Yep, the usual method of multiplying power and authority – Congress empowers an agency to allow bureaucrats to further dictate the “regulations” that become “law,” outside any congressional or presidential action.

We’ve seen it before, and it’s simply a reminder that they aren’t letting up – but are getting closer and closer to the day when they control the House, Senate, Presidency, and Supreme Court. This so easily brings to mind a short story that was to become a chapter in a book by one Mike Vanderboegh, titled, “Nemesis: The Six Apostles.” I cannot help but wonder if such fiction is operationally on the minds of some with the abilities and resources to turn fiction into reality. Personally, though it’s very satisfying to contemplate in many respects, I truly hope it never comes to that – because then it would be all over anyway. There aren’t enough good, educated, young-enough, and motivated people left to pick up the pieces and put them back in the proper order – and keep it that way.