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Thanks PILGRIM for checking in, and congratulations on your new son. I have often wondered how the folks we know from this forum in SA have been doing. The US media largely ignores SA because it would be politically incorrect to point out the corruption, crime, and decline of the country under black rule.

My guess is that the disarming will focus on whites first, and we know what that will lead to. I realize that SA is home to the white population and that many of you go back centuries, but there is no future there for whites. Leave SA even if it means starting from scratch someplace new. Your kids will have a better life.

There is something about human nature that we quickly accept our circumstances as normal and adjust to whatever that reality is. There are far better realities than SA in many other countries. I live in Vermont, a small State of 625,000 people you’ve probably never heard of. Vermont averages about 1 murder per month for the entire State. The population is 95% white, 1% black, and about 1.5% each Asian and Hispanic. We don’t have bars on our windows & doors or walls around our property. Most people don’t have security systems for their homes. Doors aren’t always locked. We don’t think about carjackings or robberies. Vermont isn’t the only place like this. New Hampshire and Maine are very similar to Vermont in every respect. Elsewhere in the US and in Canada you can also find wonderful places to live, far from the growing chaos that is SA. There can be a good life for you someplace else after SA.