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Evening everyone. Sorry for being so quiet lately, life is a fickle mistress and she demands a lot of attention.

For now, I’m still good, taking care of the family and actually come to think of it, since the last time I posted my family has grown by one. Been blessed with a second son that turned one this past December. and he is already a “no limits whirlwind of energy”. Very much the opposite of his older brother.

As I’m sure you are all aware, things are getting interesting hear on the southern tip of Africa. The removal of Zuma was a great, although to late, moment and I’m of the opinion that we have not seen the last of him. Our new President, Mr Ramaphosa, is a very well known and respected business man so hopefully he can use that experience to lift this country out of the gutter. On the other hand, he is just the new head of the same old snake and still toting the party line. Honestly not sure what to expect at this moment, but hopefully he has a strategy to deal with the land expropriation nonsense in such a way that the country and the economy survives.

He has already made a couple a changes to the Ministers, bringing back some of the old guys that were competent and some others less so. Our “new” old Minister of Police has already made the first soundbites about civilian disarmament. http://paratus.info/2018/03/01/3515/ This being the same Minister that last time said police should shoot to kill, so what about us then?

At least the Gupta’s are out of the equation at the moment and hopefully our Justice system will not rest until they have had their day in court. Along with this, there are a whole lot of senior members within the ANC that have also been implicated in dodgy deals. Not sure if any of you have heard about the book “The Presidents Keepers” written by Jacques Pauw, but it exposed a lot of it. He is now being investigated by the Hawks for allegedly having classified information and leaking it ( no good deed goes unpunished, it seems). If you can get hold of a copy of the book, it is well worth reading to better understand our current situation.

Anyways, just a quick hello and update.

PS, @Whirlibird; thank you for your thoughts and prayers. At this moment faith is what is carrying a lot of us daily.