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Sorry GS. Some days it feels Yellowstone is safer than NY and the east coast.

LOL! You’ll get no argument outa me on that one. And as a former western NY resident (emphasis on former!), I have up close and personal experience with that one.

In all seriousness, my own personal belief is that while, as you say, “the lights are still on and the traffic keeps moving,” I view that as the rough equivalent of a body that still has basic functions, but a brain that is so severely damaged that the person is simply not technically “dead” – kind of Terri Schiavo-like. The most amazing political experiment in the history of the world, begun 131 years ago with the signing of the Constitution, has been shut down. Only the lights in the lab are still on, with occasional visitors to the museum passing by to look at what passes as the great and glorious real thing. In Dearborn, MI (Detroit suburb), the Henry Ford Museum built a recreation of Edison’s NJ lab as a tribute to him (Ford and Edison were close personal friends). I used to love going through “Edison’s lab” (the non-functioning Detroit version) as a kid with my grandfather. He actually worked for Edison in the real one in NJ prior to WWI. The Henry Ford Museum version, while looking like the original NJ working version, simply isn’t the same thing despite the detailed appearance (my grandfather confirmed the detailed appearance of the real thing to me on many occasions). Today’s United States is the Detroit version, complete with the decades of corruption of that once glorious city which houses it. Go just outside the gates of the Henry Ford Museum and you’re surrounded by the Mecca of the West (Dearborn, Michigan).

The Republic is dead. Long live the republic.
(And my sincere, ongoing condolences for your residency.)