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President Trump was mocking the democrats when he said seize the guns first and then do due process. The insanity of the anti gun mob has no limits. In Florida people reacted to it by buying more guns. They witnessed a systemic breakdown of law and order in Parkland. The democrat CNN antifada jamned the whole country up against the wall and threatened it with…. Look at what we can do. Respect for fbi, cops, congress went right out the window. This was a terrorist attack by an enemy who hates the Constitution and wants to destroy the US and kill its people. Everyone is going to arm himself with whatever is available. Some group is doing mass killings in the former USA and its not the NRA. So the lights are still on and the traffic keeps moving but who knows how long that will last.

Putin warning: my nukes are faster.

Sorry GS. Some days it feels Yellowstone is safer than NY and the east coast.

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