Stanley made good stuff, but Miller Falls was just as good. freedom for the win!

When you go hunting for auger bits, DO NOT SKIMP. Find a set, if possible, that has been time-capsuled.. if the wooden storage box is in good shape, chances are the bits are in primo shape. If the box looks like it got dragged up a dirt road behind a truck, the bits might be salvageable, but ????

Best to go with a set that is squared away to begin with. Oh yeah, one last thing – over on the Woodcraft site (I think) there is a special file made specifically to sharpen auger bits. Get a couple. I touch up the bits whenever I use them. Also, Spyderco makes a set of ceramic sharpening stones that comes in a wee little leather pouch. 4 different shapes – in cross-section, they are square, circle, taper and triangle. I use them for all sorts of stuff. They work especially well to bring auger bits up to a razor edge.

Oh yeah, one last, last thing… you’ll find this out later, but when you are boring through the wood with an auger bit, they tend to tear out on the backside, just as they’re going out the other side… to make nice, neat, squared away holes, you should back up your workpiece with a scrap of wood. I usually clamp a chunk of pine 2×4 to the workpiece, and the auger drills into that. Play with them some. You’ll have a blast and find out what works and what doesn’t…

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