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Love this post! Elijah, I was waiting for you to mention the wise virgins and the oil in their lamps! Since you didn’t, I will add it to your great references. I have often thought of prepping as being a wise person and keeping “oil in my lamp” so that I will be ready when the need arises. It does not negate my belief or reliance on God; I do it because I think God expects us to be wise and keep our eyes open and our hearts listening to Him. We also need to be in the world but not of the world. I think of this in prepping. I am not like other people my age who are retiring and looking to slow down and start living the life of Riley. (Not you, Hannah!) You know what I mean.
We had a neighbor who said she was a prepper, but it was just too hard to put in a garden…didn’t get as much as she wanted…got too much of what she didn’t want…it was too hot…it was too cold…the growing season was too short. The list went on. Bottom line, she said it was just too hard. That is where I pray for strength for the day as the Lord provides what I need when I need it. I just don’t waste my time on fluffy stuff. I like to communicate with people of like minds. Therefore, I am on this website.
To make my long story longer, I am going to move ahead; and I ask God for wisdom every day. I ask Him to guard over my chickens (Yes, I do!) and my little plants growing in my garden (Yes, I do!) that they will grow to produce what I need to survive. I also ask for wisdom for how to guard it all when SHTF. That is a major concern I have. I would like some advice. I ask God and I ask others for good advice. I know that the right information will be there when I need it. My part is to always try to find the right thing to do.
Meanwhile, I prep.