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Since I have begun prepping for SHTF, I have had a complete change of mind when it comes to reusing and refurbishing. Now I have decided to keep everything till my husband is about to go mad. Well, some day he will thank me – or he can have a bonfire after I am gone. Whatever! I save my plastic containers that they pack a bakery cake in and use the top for a planting container when I am starting my seeds. In fact, I do this with all the containers that I can get my hands on. I have garbage bags full of them and I scrounge through and get all kinds of stuff to reuse for all kinds of reasons. Waste not, want not. That is my creed when it comes to throwing things away. My old couch is just fine. I don’t need a new or different one. However, I did get a great find at a garage sale. They were selling an almost new sofa sleeper for $20! My husband said, “What are you going to use it for?” To sit on – to sleep on – what else. For $20? I will use it in my chicken house if nothing else. They might decide they like to sleep on beds!